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I’d buy the shit out of some Cherik doujinshi, just sayin’ XD

So what I got from my little survey was that people want Cherik comics, mostly. That’s good cos there’s quite a few of those going around at the moment. However, there is *not one* where Erik goes on top. The Japanese really like their top!Charles, holding Erik while a single manly tear runs down his face.

Someone asked for BBC Sherlock. Last time I was in Tokyo I met exactly one girl who drew that, one comic for each episode. So I think she’ll do that again for the new three episodes.

Thor/Tony isn’t anything I’ve ever seen. It could totally be written by August though, after “The Avengers” comes out.

If Charles/Logan ever happened, it completely passed me by.

And of course there’s all kinds of Holmes/Watson stuff going on, always.

  1. forestoffairy said: Re: Cherik djs, i don’t mind who tops as long as it’s hot XD And, just curious: who usually tops in Holmes/Watson djs?
  2. akapine006 said: Yep! Thank you so much for doing this :DD I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for more updates from you! (I’m excited about BBC Sherlock, but also partial to Holmes/Watson as well <33)
  3. manic-intent said: ahh ^^;; thanks anyway. I hope you have/had fun!
  4. catnipsoup said: There was even an actual YAOI MANGA about Holmes/Watson. Not just a doujin.
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