I’m going to go to the Tokyo Comic Market coming August, where they sell doujinshi about movies and TV shows.

What I wanna know is this: if I got some Holmes/Watson, Charles/Erik, Thor/Loki etc comic goodness, would you wanna buy that off me?

I’m talking reasonable prices here. Let’s say cost of the book (2 to 12 dollars) + shipping and shipping material (depending on weight and destination 5 to 20 dollars) + 2 bucks for the effort.

I just wanna know if people are interested and in what type of book. If it’s nobody I’m not gonna bother buying extra books. If it’s too many people I’m gonna run away scared.

  1. evenstarlett said: I’d buy the shit out of some Cherik doujinshi, just sayin’ XD
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    I’d Loved if you could get your hands on a well-drawn, explicit Cherik doujinshi with Top!Erik more preferred. Also how...
  3. forestoffairy said: I envy you so much! XD Well, I’d be interested if you can buy from certain circles ;) I’m specially interested in Erik/Charles and Holmes/Watson (BBC or Guy Ritchie verse). I live in Europe so I guess it’s no problem for you, right?
  4. knownotwhatisinstore said: Charles/Erik sounds great!
  5. laury-kos said: Charles/Erik, Jungkov [lolz]
  6. manic-intent said: Would you ship to Australia? I’ll be happy to pay your prices below if you take paypal. :O I’m looking for Thor/Tony, Charles/Logan, all of which would probably be difficult/impossible to find, admittedly. ^^;;
  7. lilith-the-ancient said: I’d very interested if you could get your hands on a well-drawn, explicit Cherik doujinshi.
  8. werekates said: actually as much as I’d love to do that I also use my mother’s mailbox SO….
  9. akapine006 said: Yes! I’m seriously interested! BBC Sherlock doujinshi in particular :)
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